Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Just Another Tory

As you know, I love everything in the world, with the exception of three things. One of those things that I love is this piece of news. 

That's right, the men and women (but mainly men) who run this country all squeezed into a very old room and decided, admirably and decisively, that the Tories are homophobic. Oh and that gay people should be legally allowed to own pets, or something.

It's genuinely rare that we can look upon a piece of legislation and confidently call it progress, whatever that word means. But here it seems that we can, so congratulations to the MPs who actually represent the thoroughly cool and groovy people of Britain. And I'm glad David Cameron doesn't seem too shaken up by Michael Winner's death, I know he was a big fan of those car insurance adverts.

What I don't understand, though, is why around half of the Conservatives voted against the bill. It was always going to pass, so you might as well just pretend, just for one vote, that you're not an awful bigot. By opposing gay marriage, not only are you going to piss off David Cameron and the party command, you're also revealing to the world just how out of touch and lacking in compassion you truly are, Anne Main (St Albans). This vote revealed the limited nature of the Tory party's "modernisation", with 136 voting against compared to 127 in favour. With their archaic values still very much alive and well, it's clear that gay marriage passed despite the Conservatives, not because of them.

And speaking of Tories, it looks like everybody's favourite crypto-fascist vanity project is coming to an end. Yes, Menshn, which is NOT named after Louise Mensch, is set to close after about 8 months of no one giving a fuck. In a hilarious blog, Luke Bozier explains that Louise Mensch, who DIDN'T name Menshn after herself, might not be the easiest person to work with. So there's a shock.

Well that's gay marriage and Menshn wrapped up, my blog really has nothing more to offer. Especially as 30 Rock has ended too. At least we still have Jamiroquai. When they split up we're really fucked.