Tuesday, 1 May 2012


There are only three things in the world that I hate, and one of them is party political literature.

So there are local elections on Thursday, as you can tell by the widespread sigh of no one giving a fuck. And with elections, come campaign material, an insufferable concoction of lies and boring. I received this letter a few days ago.

"I wanted to write to you personally."

Followed by a generic letter.

And a scanned-in signature.

Obviously I don't expect candidates to write to everyone individually, that would be ridiculous. What I hate is the fact that Momotaz Rahim has claimed to have written to me personally, when obviously she hasn't. She thinks I'm stupid, that I'll look at the letter and go, "how lovely of her to write this for me personally!" If she'd actually written it to me personally she'd have left out the shit about roads and pavements. It's as if she doesn't know me at all.

To be fair, she doesn't say she has written to me personally, just that she wanted to, but you know. If that line wasn't there the letter would be absolutely fine, and it would go straight in the bin rather than the scanner. But she had to insult my intelligence by claiming to be writing to me personally. Needless to say, I won't be voting for her.

And while I'm here, I feel I should complain about a TV show. In the latest episode of HBO's new series Girls, (I know, you don't watch it because you're too busy writing Facebook statuses) there was a scene in which a character was tweeting.

But the only tweets showing in her timeline are her own. Which suggests that she doesn't follow anyone. Except she does, it says she follows a massive 902 people. So apparently none of those 902 people have tweeted for at least 13 hours, which seems ridiculously unlikely. And that's not her profile, that's her Home tab, so the timeline should be showing the tweets of everyone she follows. 

Disappointing, HBO, disappointing.

Thanks for reading this blog, which I wrote for you personally. It's named after a Radiohead song, and I'll leave you with the brilliant reggae cover by Easy Star All-Stars, enjoy!