Monday, 18 April 2011

Idiot Box

There are only three things in the world that I hate, and one of them is TV.

Obviously that's not strictly true, as you'll know if you've ever read this blog before; I love TV. Except I don't - what I love is TV shows. Lots of them. So when I'm at uni, where I don't have a TV, I always think I miss having a TV. That's until I turn one on. That's when I realise, straight away, that I really, really don't. And here's why. Here are 3 things I've seen on TV since I've been home that have made me realise just how lucky those poor Africans who have no TVs really are.

3. There's a show called Great British Hairdresser which seems to be a reality competition for hairdressers. I don't want to know why it exists, I just want to forget that it does.

2. I saw a TK Maxx advert. I know it's my own fault for watching commercial television but M*A*S*H was on Film4. In this advert, a woman says: 'The only thing better than a new pair of shoes...' at which point I was thinking, surely there's more than one thing better than a new pair of shoes? Then I realised that this was a woman, and women love shoes more than anything, except one other thing. How silly of me to forget such a well known fact about all women. So then I thought, what could this one thing that's better than a new pair of shoes be? World peace, presumably. Perhaps it's friendship. Maybe it's M*A*S*H. But no, 'the only thing better than a new pair of shoes is a new bag to match.' Of course it is. Again, I forgot this was a woman. To all women the two best things are shoes and bags. Why is it okay for adverts to be sexist? Look how Mad Men's Don Draper responded to news of this advert:

1. On the BBC news there was a whole report about Kate Middleton's dress. No, not the ITV news, the fucking BBC. And no, not in the daytime, the fucking 10 o'clock news. I know David Cameron wants to privatise public services but I didn't think he'd sell the BBC to Heat magazine.

So I'm happy to watch TV shows online or on DVD, thus avoiding things like TV news, adverts, and... TV. This blog is named after the Incubus song that I'll leave you with. Enjoy!


  1. agree - gonna assume you watched Charlie Brooker TV Ruined your life on the Beeb.